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Photos: Bobby Bare Jr. | 05.16.14

Bobby Bare Jr. at Off Broadway in St. Louis

Nashville’s Bobby Bare Jr. celebrated the release of his new album “Undefeated” at Off Broadway in St. Louis on May 16th, 2014 along with Kip Loui and Brian Henneman.

Photos: Permanent Makeup | 05.18.14

Permanent Makeup at Los Punk in St. Louis

On May 18th, 2014 it was alright to get rowdy on a Sunday night when Tampa Bay’s Permanent Makeup were set to entertain along with St. Louis natives Dad Jr., Animal Teeth and Q at Los Punk on Cherokee Street.

Photos: Perfect Pussy | 05.06.14

Perfect Pussy live at Melt in St. Louis

Syracuse, New York’s punk darlings Perfect Pussy brought their abrasive charm to Melt on Cherokee Street in St. Louis, Missouri on May 6th, 2014 with Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Green Dreams, Ghost Ice and a very special secret set from The Brainstems.

Photos: The Blind Eyes’ Final Show | 03.15.14

The Blind Eyes' Final Show

Few local bands have left their mark on indie music in St. Louis like The Blind Eyes. The quintessential indie pop group of the Gateway City have played many memorable shows, not the least of which being their final show at Off Broadway on March 15th, 2014.

Photos: Karl’s Basement III | 04.11.14

GIGANTIC live at Karl's Basement

On April 11th, at an undisclosed location in the metropolitan St. Louis area, five mighty bands (Shitstorm, The Brainstems, Dad Jr., Armadillo and Gigantic) brought the glory of music to the river trash at evening known as Karl’s Basement III. There was a bonfire and a van covered in empties.

The Best Music Photos of 2013


2013 ended up being the year that brought back my confidence as a photographer. After almost 3 years as the house photographer for one of the region’s leading small capacity venues it was tough finding my new identity as a music photographer in a St. Louis, the littlest big town in the country. Finding myself […]

Photos: Derek Hoke @ KDHX | 12.14.12

Derek Hoke Studio Perfomance at KDHX

Nashville singer-songwriter Derek Hoke and his Hoke Ridge Boys stopped by KDHX to do a live studio performance last week before their set later in the day at Off Broadway with Corey Chisel and the Wandering Sons.

Photos: Swans At The Firebird | October 23rd, 2012

Michael Gira of Swans @ The Firebird | 10.23.12

It’s hard to think of what things to have occurred in St. Louis since Swans played the city last. It’s been over twenty years, and the band has had just as many ups and downs as screwy St. Louie, yet both are currently on an upswing. The venue they played, First Rock, was a fixture […]

Review: Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

The Lensbaby Optic Swap System is pretty neat, to say the least. With it, you can have a variety of creative options at your fingertips in just a few quick steps. The core optics (single glass, double glass, plastic, and pinhole) were pretty impressive offerings that made the Lensbaby system very attractive for those looking […]

Favorite Photos of 2011: Part 2

Alright, back into it! Black Lips at The Firebird– Yes, Black Lips show up twice. You wanna know why? Because they rule. After touring around the world for most of the year, Black Lips played their second to last show before Lollapalooza at The Firebird. If you asked any of them what they planned on […]

Favorite Photos of 2011: Part 1

In 2011 there was no shortage of good shows. As the scene grows and matures, more and more national acts have taken notice of what’s going on in Saint Louis. I’ve seen this over the last few years and it excites me to no end. I remember when it felt like no one came here […]

Always Fighting Satan (Part 1)

I haven’t updated in over a month for the following reasons: dealing with copyright infringement, allergies, and trying my best to not fake the funk. It hasn’t been fun, I can tell you that much. If you want to help me out with those things, or just have a gnarly print to show people you’re […]