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Photos: Torche @ The Firebird | 06.02.13

Torche at The Firebird in Saint Louis

Maimi stoner metal deities Torche melted faces at The Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri on June 2nd, 2013. People came out ready to drink and party for local boy Andrew Elstner’s return to the Show Me State.

Photos: Death Grips @ The Firebird | 06.13.13

Death Grips live at The Firebird in Saint Louis

Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips (Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett & Andy “Flatlander” Morin) thrashed their way through a sweaty, weed-drenched crowd at The Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri on June 13th, 2013.

Photos: Andrew WK @ The Firebird | 05.22.13

Andrew WK live at the Firebird in St. Louis.

Party master Andrew WK brought his Human Party Machine Solo Tour to The Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri on May 22nd, 2013.

Photos: The Hood Internet @ The Firebird | 05.15.13

Hood Internet live at the Firebird in St. Louis.

Steve Reidell, one half of Chicago-based production/mash-up duo The Hood Internet, performed a DJ set at the Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri on May 15th, 2013 while on tour with Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Photos: Black Moth Super Rainbow | 05.15.13

Black Moth Super Rainbow live at The Firebird

Philadelphia’s experimental-folk-pop-electronica gods known as Black Moth Super Rainbow survived a van break-in to perform at The Firebird in St. Louis on May 15th, 2013 with Oscillator Bug and Hood Internet.

Photos: Swans At The Firebird | October 23rd, 2012

Michael Gira of Swans @ The Firebird | 10.23.12

It’s hard to think of what things to have occurred in St. Louis since Swans played the city last. It’s been over twenty years, and the band has had just as many ups and downs as screwy St. Louie, yet both are currently on an upswing. The venue they played, First Rock, was a fixture […]

Favorite Photos of 2011: Part 2

Alright, back into it! Black Lips at The Firebird– Yes, Black Lips show up twice. You wanna know why? Because they rule. After touring around the world for most of the year, Black Lips played their second to last show before Lollapalooza at The Firebird. If you asked any of them what they planned on […]

Favorite Photos of 2011: Part 1

In 2011 there was no shortage of good shows. As the scene grows and matures, more and more national acts have taken notice of what’s going on in Saint Louis. I’ve seen this over the last few years and it excites me to no end. I remember when it felt like no one came here […]


New day job equals not a lot of free time. I’ve got my Lensbaby review almost finished, as well as some other things going on. Group shot from Trevor Hall’s sold out performance. Stood next to two girls from Colorado who have been following him across the country.

Always Fighting Satan (Part 2)

Geez, this is going to be long. But I’ve got to get caught up. Since I started shooting 25+ nights a month it’s been tough updating this. However, I do update my Flickr as often as possible, so if you’re in a band I’ve shot recently, that’s going to be your best bet to see […]

Always Fighting Satan (Part 1)

I haven’t updated in over a month for the following reasons: dealing with copyright infringement, allergies, and trying my best to not fake the funk. It hasn’t been fun, I can tell you that much. If you want to help me out with those things, or just have a gnarly print to show people you’re […]

Jam Skatin’

Update time. As always, you can click the images or go over to the link to the right to check out the full sets. Woven Bones.

April Is Finished

It’s done, over. Let’s cover the last bit of it. Bruiser Queen debut. composed of members from The 75s and Left Arm.

April Overflow

I recently picked up a new day job. Far from ideal, but it works. Which every job there comes a change in pace and sometimes it can be a bit exhausting for the first week or two. For me, it’s my feet that take the blunt for now. Standing for 8 hours straight on hard […]

Filling The Cracks

Here’s a catch up on the last few weeks. It’s been a blast, looking back on some of this images, it feels like it’s been much longer than a couple weekends. Jedi Mind Tricks. Good set, bad angles. Any music photog will lament about shooting hip hop. It can be really frustrating to just get […]

Black Lips Will Destroy You

There is no witty title for this update. Too much else has to be said about the night for that. I’ve seen the room at the Firebird take on many moods and I feel that it is one of the venue’s many strengths, yet I never expected the absolute white knuckle ride that the Black […]