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Photos: Record Store Day 2013 @ Vintage Vinyl

Josh Ritter performing at Vintage Vinyl for Reord Store Day 2013

Record Store Day has become something like the music nerd’s favorite day of the year. Labels and bands put out special/limited releases and reissues and it’s typically a day of celebrating the quirkiness and importance of the record store, with bands and DJ doing live sets and local breweries offering free beer. While our world […]


New day job equals not a lot of free time. I’ve got my Lensbaby review almost finished, as well as some other things going on. Group shot from Trevor Hall’s sold out performance. Stood next to two girls from Colorado who have been following him across the country.

April Is Finished

It’s done, over. Let’s cover the last bit of it. Bruiser Queen debut. composed of members from The 75s and Left Arm.