An Apt Quote

Fucked Up by Bryan J. Sutter

“I can’t fathom how anyone can be a music writer, it seems so missing the point. You really can’t write about music, the best thing about music is almost magical, unexplainable and when you try to describe something you have to put it in a box, and some stuff just doesn’t deserve to be put […]

An Under Cover Weekend 5

So, the cat is out of bag. Over the last week Jason Stoff and myself have collaborated on photo shoots for each of the 10 bands performing at this year’s An Under Cover Weekend, which will be enjoying it’s 5th year of awesome coming this September.

All Coming Back

Not to sound completely cynical, but the photo above sums up the last few months pretty well. Not in the sense of doing yourself in, but that feeling and lust for anywhere but here. That’s it, for now. I’ll resume updating more often this summer.