Photos: Permanent Makeup | 05.18.14

Tampa Bay natives Permanent Makeup performed at Los Punk in St. Louis on May 18th, 2014 with local acts Q, Animal Teeth and Dad Jr. It got a little wild. (Bryan J. Sutter)

On May 18th, 2014 it was alright to get rowdy on a Sunday night when Tampa Bay’s Permanent Makeup were set to entertain along with St. Louis natives Dad Jr., Animal Teeth and Q at Los Punk on Cherokee Street.

Existing in the sonic space somewhere between Ex-Cult and True Widow, the gulf shore 3-piece known as Permanent Makeup definitely bring a vibe. There’s a great balance in their music between ambient, avant-garde moments and abrasive garage punk sensibilities. On record, this approach may be a little much for some but in the flesh there’s an undeniable force created between Susan Dickson, James Bess, and Christopher Nadeau.

It was inevitable, however, that the evening would belong to Dad Jr. The boys have definitely created a name for themselves in St. Louis over the last year and some wondered with the departure of guitarist Zack Sloan if they could keep it up. The addition of Karl Frank (Boreal Hills) and Guideon Berry (Neonbraska) has shown that while there’s a lot less dicks rubbed on guitars there’s a different kind of twisted energy at play. As long as there are malfunctioning mic stands and a reason to day drink, they’ll party.

And really, any show that ends with the cross-dressing door guy in the lap of Animal Teeth’s guitarist is a game worth the candle.

I used my typical small show set-up for this: Fujifilm X100S and a Sony flash with my special Asshole Music Photographer technique of firing the flash at my feet as not to blind everyone except for the few moments where it was necessary to bounce the flash off the ceiling and blind everyone.

See the full set of photos from Permanent Makeup’s performance at Los Punk as well as photos of Dad Jr., Animal Teeth, and Q by clicking here or by checking out the gallery below.

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