Photos: Bobby Bare Jr. | 05.16.14

 (Bryan Sutter)

Nashville’s Bobby Bare Jr. celebrated the release of his new album “Undefeated” at Off Broadway in St. Louis on May 16th, 2014 along with Kip Loui and Brian Henneman.

St. Louis loves a lot of things… baseball, provel cheese, and alt-country. While it may not be fair to put an act like Bobby Bare Jr. in such a box, it works on a few functional levels. The crowd at Off Broadway may not have been the size typically described to me when Bobby Bare Jr. comes to town but the passion expressed was in no way small. The talent on stage was undeniable, with some saying it was the best backing band that Mr. Bare had ever taken on the road. It was my first time photographing the act, so I can’t support or deny such a claim, though I will admit I was thoroughly impressed by the musicianship in front of me.

And the guitar geek in me appreciated Bobby Bare Jr.’s guitar selection consisting of a vintage Gibson SG Jr. and a Harmony Bobkat. Not exactly two guitars you can pull off the wall at any Guitar Center.

Off Broadway is typically known as one of the best small rooms in St. Louis for photography, but before the set Mr. Bare requested that the lights be lowered, which made it a tough shoot. Obviously, it’s within his rights to not want to be blinded by stages lights and there’s really not much else to say about that.

It’s alright, though, as the cover of Dr. John’s “Cover Of The Rolling Stone” with The Bottle Rocket’s Brian Hanneman was totally worth it.

See the full set of photos of Bobby Bare Jr.’s performance at Off Broadway by clicking here or by checking out the gallery below.

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