Photos: The Blind Eyes’ Final Show | 03.15.14

Beloved indie band The Blind Eyes played their final show at Off Broadway on March 15, 2014 with the help of Jon Hardy and the Public (Bryan J. Sutter)

Few local bands have left their mark on indie music in St. Louis like The Blind Eyes. The quintessential indie pop group of the Gateway City have played many memorable shows, not the least of which being their final show at Off Broadway on March 15th, 2014.

Over the years I’ve gotten to know The Blind Eyes through my time as The Firebirds’ house photographers and my general involvement in the St. Louis music scene. They’ve always been one of my favorites, on and off the stage. Their first album, Modernity, probably still holds the distinction of being one of the most played records at KDHX, St. Louis’ community radio station. Seth, Kevin and Matt have always kept things fun and energetic without falling back on big-fish-in-small-pond hubris, something a lot of younger bands in St. Louis could stand to learn. The addition of guitarist Andy White (known for his past work with Shame Club and his current work with Tilts) in late 2011 not only opened up the dynamics of the band, but added another humorous edge to their off-stage personality. With such success and respect in the local scene, it was confusing when the band announced earlier in the year that they were breaking up.

Perhaps the choice is a lesson in knowing when to quit. It’s easy with a creative endeavor to run it into the ground, it’s harder to see when you can walk away with you head held high and no love lost where you’re in the thick of it. My relationship with the band has granted me some uncommon knowledge as to why The Blind Eyes are no more and while I have no great interest in presenting semi-privileged details like a gossip, I will say that it does little to change the headline. It’s still an infinitely better outcome than the band going on and on while slowly bleeding out, playing for drink tickets and becoming the butt of jokes. I mean, have you listened to Marilyn Manson’s last few albums?

Andy had invited me to take photos at his house as the band did their final load out. It didn’t exactly go to plan as Kevin showed up not long before the band left for Off Broadway but I was able to get some photos that showed off the band’s humor and playful nature.

At the venue, the sound check mostly revolved around Jen and Brian of Middle Class Fashion locking in their guest vocals for “Hermetically Sealed”. It wasn’t long before it was show time.

Shot for Eleven Magazine.

See the full set of photos from The Blind Eyes’ final show at Off Broadway, including photos of opener Jon Hardy & the Public, by clicking here or by checking out the gallery below.

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