Photos: Portugal. The Man @ The Pageant | 06.23.13

Indie rockers Portugal. The Man made a mighty return to Saint Louis at The Pageant on June 23rd, 2013. (Bryan J. Sutter)

Indie rockers Portugal. The Man returned to Saint Louis at The Pageant on June 23rd, 2013 in support of their new record, Evil Friends.

Portugal. The Man have gone on to prove that they can write a song, as each of their albums has at least a few songs that you can see enduring for many years, if not entering the canon of indie music itself. When I shot them at The Firebird in 2010 and last year at The Pageant, I’ve walked away a different man than the one I was before their performance.

They’ve got the touch, no doubt, even if they’re a hard band to shoot. Their lighting director knows what he’s doing, but it’s not the easiest setting, with the band set so far back from the edge of the stage and the moments of good light typically being a peach colored wash. If you’re there for the band, it’s a trip. If you’re shooting, you better hope your auto focus is true.

See the full set of photos from Portugal. The Man @ The Pageant by clicking here or by checking out the gallery below.

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