New day job equals not a lot of free time. I’ve got my Lensbaby review almost finished, as well as some other things going on.

The Whole Gang

Group shot from Trevor Hall’s sold out performance. Stood next to two girls from Colorado who have been following him across the country.

Sleepy Kitty

In September, The Firebird hosted An Undercover Weekend, a three night series where local bands cover mainstream and semi-obscure acts within and outside their genre. The photo above is Sleepy Kitty performing as Pavement. You can check out the other photos from the first night here.

The Orbz
Second night of AUCW. The Orbz as Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Check out the full set here.


Skybox, a personal favorite of mine. Definitely one of the most disappointing draws I’ve seen in the room. I’m still scratching my head about it. However, tourmates What Laura Says made it a good night by bringing the whole of the crowd onstage near the end of Skybox’s set. A very cool moment.

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr, who that night became one of my favorite live bands. Junius and Howl weren’t slacking, either.


The next morning I met up with Junius to do a quick shoot. Unfortunately, they were extremely hung over but we got through it. This was taken within the last few moments before they absolutely had to get on the road to their next show.

Hood Internet

Mike and Bert from The Firebird booked the nationals for this year’s Play:stl, so I decided to take a break and take in the festival vibe. Above is the crowd during Hood Internet. Check out the full set from the first night here. Highlights from the evening included Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Tera Melos.

Cast Spells

Dave Davison from Maps & Atlases performing as his solo project Cast Spells during the last night of Play:stl. Absolutely amaing performance, too bad the venue was blocks from the center of the festival and on top of that, there was a mighty rainstorm. You can check out the rest of the photos from the last night here, which includes Murder By Death and others.

Via Audio

Via Audio, one of my personal favorites, at Cicero’s. I shot them after Dead Confederate’s in-store at Vintage Vinyl then high tailed it to see Dead Confederate again at The Firebird. Here’s Jess having a laugh with one of the boys in Jukebox the Ghost.

Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate at The Firebird. Great live band, no doubt, but their stage lights were really hard to work with. Too unpredictable. Still, it was a fun shoot.

AM Taxi

AM Taxi. Messing around with the Lensbaby.

Color Revolt

Color Revolt.

El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven. Dosh and Baths killed it, then I had to leave halfway through El Ten’s set (work is for jerks). Still bummed that I didn’t get to stay.

Flesh Vehicle

Flesh Vehicle. Feels like St. Louis will never “get” Nashville garage rock and it’s a damn shame. What’s going on down there is easily the best rock scene right now. One of my personal favorite shots of the year.

Halo Stereo

Halo Stereo.

The Slackers

More Lensbaby with The Slackers. Really down to Earth and one of the few ska bands I can get into.


Harold from thrash legends DRI. These guys were tons of fun.

Film School

Film School. Indie bliss.

Oh My God

Oh My God. Captivating, very strange. Hunter S. Thompson wrote words that would comfortably fit them.


Fun…. who were… fun. Another sold out show, another set of photos. Great crowd. Openers Steel Train were awesome as always. Had to shoot from the side of the stage since I missed doors. Had to give someone’s TM a ride to get some allergy meds.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. Fun, awesome. Just tons of energy and great vibe.


Canadian punk rock legends NOmeansno. Yeah, it was wild.

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man. You want to talk about a band with songs that are bigger than the room? Look no further. One of my favorite sets of the year. Only downside was a semi-aggressive crowd made it hard to get solid shots among the lasers and floor lighting.

Entrance Band

Entrance Band. I’ve got my issues with psychedelic rockers but these guys were really solid once they got into the meat of their set.


Creepshow. Didn’t get to shoot their whole set (work is for jerks) but I walked away pretty happy. Singer/guitarist Sarah Blackwood came to the side of the stage a few times and rocked out just for me. Can’t wait to shoot them again.

Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck: loud, funky.


Candid shot from the side of the stage at The Pageant. Ben and Morgan from Bruiser Queen and Matt from The Blind Eyes (center). Check out the full set here.

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells. Nicest sold out crowd ever? I think so. Still not a fan of their music, but their performance was tops! People were straight up making out after the set.

Electric Six

Electric Six. Halloween. Madeness. I highly suggest you check out the full set. Third time in a year and still every bit as awesome as when I saw them last December. Few bands can keep going like this.

Double Creepin'

Until next time.

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