Always Fighting Satan (Part 1)

I haven’t updated in over a month for the following reasons: dealing with copyright infringement, allergies, and trying my best to not fake the funk. It hasn’t been fun, I can tell you that much.

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As always, you can always click the Flickr icon to the right or on the photos below to get yourself fine and well to view the rest of the photos from a particular set.

The Bureau

The Bureau reunion show. This was a lot of fun and to some a very personal experience. Fronted by Firebird co-owner and talent buyer Mike Cracchiolo (pictured), it was neat to see the memories made flesh and to see another band I missed a few years ago.

Sons of Black Mass

Sons of Black Mass. Apparently, the last time they played the Firebird there was some rough moments but the night went off well enough, if not a bit weird.

Sons of Black Mass

I heard these dudes are into Satan. Maybe the coolest riser/smoke machine combo know to mankind.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics CD release. Beards and long hair just eat up light on the stage so I brought out the Lensbaby to get something funky.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster at Scream the Prayer III. One of the longest days off my life. So hot and sweaty.


Redemption did come a few days later with The Liars. I’ll admit, their music doesn’t really resonate with me but they proved themselves to be a band that can make every note captivating. I look forward to them coming back around.


This was near the end of their set. By their last song she was beating on the stage with her fists and screaming. Hardcore.

This is a partial update, I’ll try to finish this ASAP.

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