Filling The Cracks

Here’s a catch up on the last few weeks. It’s been a blast, looking back on some of this images, it feels like it’s been much longer than a couple weekends.

Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks. Good set, bad angles. Any music photog will lament about shooting hip hop. It can be really frustrating to just get a handful of useful shots, but also can be particularly rewarding.

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar is a serious dude. Seriously sensual, seriously talented. Warm dude, too. Unless you get on stage and start to straddle the bassist. Would love to shoot him again. Fellow photog Louis Kwok really got the essence of the performance. Check out his set here.

Union Blue

Union Blue. Early Day Miners were supposed to headline but the word is they broke up and forgot to tell anyone on their tour. Made for a very loose evening but it had a good rhythm.

JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF (the brotherhood). Awesome performance in front of the stage. One of the few who I have seen pull it off. Got to indulge my desire to use flash here. Some of the chicks from Black Lips were there. Spooky girls. Word is that JEFF will be coming back soon. Be stoked.

Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors CD Release. Good night. Too many parents with camcorders running around for me to get in how I wanted. SIUE crowd, which can be hard to move within. Still, very good turnout, good vibe.

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