April Overflow

I recently picked up a new day job. Far from ideal, but it works. Which every job there comes a change in pace and sometimes it can be a bit exhausting for the first week or two. For me, it’s my feet that take the blunt for now. Standing for 8 hours straight on hard tile with a 15 minute break (driving) to stand with a camera for the rest of the night, only to get home in time to sleep and start the cycle anew. It’ll all break into rhythm sooner or later.

Not that these overflow posts haven’t been the norm, but there is at least better reasoning for them being more frequent compared to some of the posts I’ve made recently.

As always, click the images to go a Flickr page where you can click on the right side and view the rest of the shots from the set.

In Memory

On the 12th The Firebird played host to a memorial show for Elise Sunderhuse, a teen who unfortunately died in a car accident last September. Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Emperor X (with local darlings So Many Dynamos as his back band), The Shakes, High Art (formerly The Rainbow is the Song), and a duo composed of Elise’s friends called Ghost Sports (I think) performed. The night had an improvised wildness to it, with performances occurring more on the dance floor than the stage.

High Art

High Art hair monster.

Emperor X

Just before Emperor X started his set, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (who had been missing the whole evening) showed up and set up all of their weird crap. It made an inspired backdrop for Emperor X’s inspired performance.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

Turns out Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt went to the wrong St. Louis earlier in the day. They went to the one in Michigan, which explains them missing load-in and showing up an hour before curfew at a show mostly populated by high schoolers. Their set was maybe 15 minutes long.

Sink The Bismark

Sink the Bismark opening up for the Ataris.

Makeshift Gentlemen

Makeshift Gentlemen, also from the Ataris show. Still a little rough with a line-up change but altogether a solid set.

The Ataris

The only usable shot from the Ataris’ set. No lights except for 2 red and 2 blue lights coming from the backline.

Captured By Robots

Captured! By Robots. Jaybot is one of the nicest and strangest people I’ve met recently. His angle comes from these robots he built that play instruments. Really, they do. It’s creepy, awesome, and interesting all at the same time.

The Livers

The Livers opening up for Captured! I didn’t think this set was going to have much for me to work with, since they have a video element to their shows that requires the house lights to be turned off. The side lights gave me enough to work with. I was even able to shoot as ISO 800 in some instances, which was very nice.

The Gorge

The Gorge. Seriously impressed by these dudes. I wasn’t prepared for their vibe and the photos reflect that, but they’ve got a few shows at The Firebird lined up so I’ll get my chance to do them right.

The Bled

I don’t compare bands to stuff like At The Drive-In or REFUSED lightly, at least, not in a positive way. The Bled felt like something that came out of nowhere.

Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell

Johnny Saint and the Princes of Hell. Both times I’ve shot them, I’ve had a blast. The night in general proved to be a hard shoot but I still managed a few keepers.

The Rocketz

The Rocketz. Serious rockabilly guitar tone and vibe. Tony is a real performer and gear geek. Loved these guys.

Kentucky Knife Fight

I still hold that Kentucky Knife Fight remain as one of the hardest bands in St. Louis to shoot. Which is unfortunate, given their awesome talent. I have no problem seeing these guys enough times to get them down.

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

“The photo” from the Legendary Shack Shakers show. Still one of my favorites to shoot.

I still have more to talk about and show, but that wait for the next update. Which will hopefully come sooner than this one.

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